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Inheritance Theft! Can a relative who I’ve excluded from my Will fight for inclusion after I’m gone?

Yes, provided that relative has standing to sue. Any family member (or past beneficiary) who has been excluded from your Trust or Will can fight for inclusion after you die. But to do so they first must have standing. To have standing means they are an heir or prior beneficiary of yours and they have a property interest they will ...

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Will you lose your inheritance? The Beneficiary’s Corner — Course 5 California No Contest Clauses

1. The basics of California No-Contest Clauses. Under current law, California no-contest clauses only apply to: 1. Direct contest brought without probable cause; 2. A pleading to challenge a transfer of property on the grounds that it was not the transferor’s property at the time of the transfer; and 3. The filing of a creditor’s claim or the prosecution of ...

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You’re Doing it Wrong…Let’s All Stop Using California No-Contest Clauses! Why is anyone still using no-contest clauses in California Trusts and Wills?  This has to be one of the most abused, misused, and misunderstood Trust provisions ever.  And yet, I bet you anything that if you look in your Trust or Will right now you will find a no-contest clause. No-contest clauses are well intentioned—to prevent Will and Trust ...

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