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The Beneficiary'sCorner-3

Course 3 — Lessons 1 to 3: California Undue Influence Claims

The basics of undue influence. What is Undue Influence? Undue influence is considered excessive persuasion where the intent of the victim is replaced with the intent of the wrongdoer. To prove undue influence you need to prove four basic elements: Vulnerability of the victim, Apparent authority of the wrongdoer, Actions and tactics used in unduly influencing the victim, and An ...

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A Good Back Story

Proving Undue Influence In The Bay Area: A Good Back Story

It can be hard to convince and judge or jury to rule in your favor unless you have a good back-story.  That means a good reason why someone would have left you assets had they not been unduly influenced.  In this video, partner Keith A. Davidson describes the need for a good story to go along with your undue influence ...

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Apparent Authority

Proving Undue Influence In The Bay Area: Apparent Authority

Having a position of authority over an elder can lead to undue influence.  In this video, partner Keith A. Davidson discusses the important factor of apparent authority. For more information, click this link:

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Nobody Goes in, I'm unduly influencing

How to Prove Undue Influence: Actions and Tactics

The actions and tactics of a wrongdoer can be critical evidence of undue influence in your California Trust or Will contest.  In this video, partner Keith Davidson describes the important issue of actions and tactics. For more information, click this link:

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Fight Financial Elder Abuse!

Proving You Bay Area Financial Elder Abuse Case

California financial elder abuse, can be proven one of three ways.  In this video, partner Keith  Davidson goes over some of the basics of elder abuse in California.

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Why Hire Us? Not all San Diego Trust and Will Trial Lawyers are Created Equal!!

It can be hard trying to choose the right lawyer for your Trust or Will contest case.  In this video, partner Stewart Albertson describes the reasons why most people hire Albertson & Davidson, LLP to fight for their inheritance rights.

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