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How to Force Your Trustee to Open the Tap

Forcing Your San Diego Trustee To Make Full Distribution

When your San Diego Trustee fails to refuses to make a distribution to you, it is time to take action.  In this video, partner Keith A. Davidson describes how to force a Trust distribution. Please visit for more information.

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Fight Financial Elder Abuse!

Proving You Bay Area Financial Elder Abuse Case

California financial elder abuse, can be proven one of three ways.  In this video, partner Keith  Davidson goes over some of the basics of elder abuse in California.

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Would You Like a Trust Accounting?

San Diego Trust Accountings: When can you obtain an accounting?

Just because you are a named Trust beneficiary does not necessarily mean you are entitled to a Trust accounting.  There are times when you can get an accounting and times when you can't.  In this video, partner Keith A. Davidson describes when you can obtain a Trust accounting.

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The Funny World of San Diego Wills: Napkins, Letters, Notes as Wills???

In California, we have holographic Wills, which allows almost any handwritten object to be a Will.  In this video, partner Keith A. Davidson describes holographic Wills. For more information, please visit:

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Time To Go

Now You See Them, Now You Don’t: Evicting Bay Area Beneficiaries From Trust Property

Sometimes a beneficiary has got to go.  When a Trustee or a beneficiary refuses to vacate Trust property so it can be sold, then an eviction may be in order.  But beware, evictions can be blocked when the right procedure is followed.  In this video partner Keith Davidson discusses some points about eviction.

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What Are you Thinking?

Intended Consequences: Proving Intent in San Diego Trust and Will Contest Lawsuits

You may know what your parent's intent was, but if you are going to prove that intent in court you are going to need some credible evidence to back that up.  In this video, partner Keith A. Davidson describes the evidence you need to prove intent in California Trust and Will contest cases.

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