Probate and Trust Administration

Helping with every stage of the probate process

When a California resident fails to implement proper estate planning and dies either with no planning or with just a Will, his or her assets must pass through the probate process.  Probate, in California, is a court procedure established for the orderly administration of a decedent’s estate.  Probate can be time consuming, expensive, and fraught with pitfalls.


When a decedent dies with only a California Will, the probate court will first examine whether the Will is valid. If the Will is found to be valid, the court will then oversee the distribution of property and wrapping up of the probate estate. The named executor of the Will has many responsibilities during this process, which can be longer and more complicated that most would imagine. Additionally, family members may step forward to contest the Will in front of the probate court if they believe they were wrongfully disinherited or had other issues with the Will. This type of California lawsuit is called a Will Contest. 

If a California resident passes away will no estate plan in place at all, the probate court will determine how to distribute the estate assets in accordance with California intestacy laws1. This includes identifying and locating all possible heirs, which can be a difficult and complex process. Whenever probate is required, Albertson & Davidson, LLP provides knowledgeable and efficient services to make the probate process as efficient as possible for family members, potential heirs, and executors of wills.

Assisting with the administration of trusts

The attorneys at Albertson & Davidson, LLP also have extensive experience in administering Trusts after a person’s death. There are a number of steps that must be taken after a person dies with a California Trust, including the following:

  • Notice to all beneficiaries and heirs of the settlor’s death in accordance with California law2
  • Handling real property concerns
  • Gathering other assets
  • Identifying and paying taxes and debts from the Trust
  • Keeping detailed accounting records
  • Distribution of the trust property to beneficiaries

Some Trust administrations are easy and straightforward, while others may be quite complex. Either way, the lawyers at Albertson & Davidson, LLP have the experience and skills to successfully navigate any Trust administration.


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