Albertson & Davidson Children's Foundation

The Albertson & Davidson Children’s Foundation was created as a non-profit entity that supports charitable causes relating to children and education in our community. The primary focus of the foundation is to provide grants to charitable entities that support and promote children’s causes and children’s education.

Why Was it Created?

Albertson & Davidson, LLP believes strongly in supporting the more vulnerable portion of our community. Our firm has, and continues to, represent members of our community that have been harmed by the actions of irresponsible individuals and companies. We require these irresponsible actors to take full responsibility for the harms and losses they cause to members of our community. We also represent individuals in trust and estate matters who have spent their lives participating in our local communities.

Now Albertson & Davidson, LLP has chosen to take action more directly to help support a segment of our community that is underrepresented—namely, children. Children do not have the power to vote, do not have money to hire attorneys, and their unique causes are not fought for by high paid lobbyists in Washington, D.C. As a result, many at-risk children are not properly represented. The Albertson & Davidson Children’s Foundation will contribute to at-risk children by providing funding for the support of children’s care, medical treatment, and education.

Who Can Participate in the Foundation?

Anyone may participate in the foundation by sending their tax deductible contribution to the Albertson & Davidson Children’s Foundation at 3491 Concours Street, Suite 201, Ontario, California 91764. Or you can make a contribution through PayPal or by credit card by using the “Donate” link at the end of this page. All contributions are tax deductible. And nearly 100% of all donations go directly to local children’s charities.

Albertson & Davidson, LLP donates a portion of its legal fees each year to the foundation. We also list those people who have contributed services or funds to the foundation as part of our “Donor Partners List” set forth below.

Corporate and IRS Documents:

(Fee free to take a look at our Articles of Incorporation and IRS Charitable Determination Letter)

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