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Trust and Will Litigation Lawyers in San Diego

Many San Diego families are torn apart by inheritance disputes and need a trust and will litigation lawyer to help Many people are confused and feel helpless when a parent dies and they learn they were removed from the will or have been disinherited. Or perhaps you are named as a beneficiary of a trust or will, but a bad trustee is mismanaging the trust assets and refusing to provide you with your rightful distribution. Who do you turn to, what action can you take, and how do you recover your inheritance? You need a San Diego trust and will litigation lawyer to help determine the correct course of action against inheritance fraud.

The actions you must take to recover your rightful inheritance depends on how your inheritance was lost. If a bad beneficiary forces your parent to sign a trust amendment disinheriting you from the estate, then you may have to file a lawsuit to contest the will or trust. If a bad beneficiary took money from your parent prior to their death, then you may have to file a financial, elder abuse lawsuit. And if a bad trustee refuses to make a trust distribution, then you may have to file a petition for instructions with the probate court. Each of these actions are separate legal filings. That means your case could have three to four lawsuits pending at the same time. You’ll want the best San Diego inheritance lawyer to make the process easier for you.

As you can imagine, California trust and will inheritance laws are complex. It takes an experienced guide to sort through the facts and law of your case, and then choose the best course of action. We at Albertson & Davidson, LLP have helped thousands of clients successfully navigate the confusing world of California trusts and wills. We are here to help you make sense of your inheritance theft case and chart the best course to recover your lost inheritance.

Fighting for your rightful inheritance takes time, money, and persistence . Most trust and will cases require numerous depositions, loads of documentation, and several expert witnesses to successfully prove your case in court. And many trust beneficiaries do not have the resources to pay the costs, plus attorneys’ fees, required to recover a lost inheritance.

At Albertson & Davidson, LLP, we focus of representing beneficiaries on a contingency basis. With contingency, you pay nothing out-of-pocket. Our firm pays for all costs, and takes the legal action needed to pursue your claims. If we recover something for you, then you pay us a percentage of the recovery. If we recover nothing, then you pay nothing. It can be a great way to help trust beneficiaries recoup their dignity, and restore their rightful inheritance.