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Client Testimonials: What Did You Like About Working With Albertson & Davidson, LLP?
What did you like about us?
Client Testimonials: How did you like our team approach?
How did you like our team approach?
Client Testimonials: Beverly: Why Choose Albertson & Davidson, LLP?
Why did you choose us?
Client Testimonials: What Did You Like About Working With Albertson & Davidson, LLP?
What Did You Like About Working With Albertson & Davidson, LLP?
Real Clients, Real Results: What do you think of Albertson & Davidson, LLP?
Real Clients, Real Results
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I am very glad that I found Albertson & Davidson to help me through my legal battle regarding my father’s trust. I was the trustee, and was being threatened with not getting paid for the 14 years of work that I was consumed with in managing the trust. This legal firm truly works as a team, both internally and with their clients. They were receptive to all of my questions and input, and they consulted with each other to reach what I feel was the best possible outcome. I am truly appreciative!

Jennifer Fitzpatrick

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Wow, after decades of strife with an abusive person, it truly feels surreal to have this major and very difficult chapter of my life finally come to a close. Gian was incredibly compassionate and patient throughout the entire process, I would’ve had a very difficult time succeeding at this without her, and accomplishing this greatly honored the memory of my grandparents. I am very thankful for Gian and your firm.

Former Client

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I truly appreciate all that Keith and Stewart have done for me, and for the chance that you took in representing me. If it hadn’t been for you both, and all that you did for me, then I would have been lost. I really hope that you will continue to help others on a contingency basis, and that you will never again experience an opposing party such as my sister.

Melissa Merrilees

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No other lawyers wanted to take my case, Albertson & Davidson readily accepted it and aggressively prosecuted my legal issue. They took a personal interest in my case and provided excellent counsel throughout. Ultimately, they were able to remove three bad trustees of my trust, return my trust proceeds, which are now under management by a competent trustee responsive to my needs. I would highly recommend Albertson & Davidson to anyone who is an abused trust beneficiary.

P. Chilson

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This legal team, from senior partners to paralegals and secretaries are truly the most professional, polite, knowledgeable, and cheerful group I have encountered in providing legal counsel and care when I needed them. There was not a time my questions were not answered to my satisfaction. Their target date of completion of my case was on time. Albertson & Davidson is the best and most honest attorneys in dealing with their clients. I speak from my own experiences with them.

Pilar Louviaux

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I wanted my Trust to be accepted by my reverse-mortage lender. After Albertson & Davidson completed my Trust, they spent a great deal of extra effort to work with my lender to accept my Trust. I am so glad I have my Trust completed. I thank Albertson & Davidson, LLP for a job well done. I appreciate the extra effort they put forth on my behalf. Also, it was nice to have Jennifer, with her happy voice, to talk to when needed. I’ll definitely pass your name on when anyone I know needs an attorney.

Janice Figard

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