California Probate Law Resources

There are several reasons why you may find yourself involved in proceedings in probate court in California. For example, if a loved one dies and you wish to contest their last will and testament, you will have to do so in front of the probate court. Additionally, if you have been named as the executor of someone’s estate, you will be a key player throughout the probate process until the estate is closed. Probate can be extremely complex with specific requirements and duties of various individuals involved. You do not want to risk making a mistake or losing your rightful inheritance, so you should always discuss your case with an experienced probate attorney. The following are some links to online helpful resources that provide some basic information regarding the probate process in California.

Probate Laws

California Probate Code

The complete set of laws that control wills, estates, and probate throughout the state of California.

Uniform Probate Code

The Uniform Probate Code was drafted by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, though these laws are only applicable in 18 states at this time. Provides guidance over probate procedures as a whole.

The Probate Process

Time line of a Probate Case

Clear diagram outlining the time frame for filing documents and taking other actions during the probate process in California.

State Comparison of Probate

Information regarding the time frame of a typical probate case in various states, including California.

Probate Courts in California

San Diego Probate Court

California probate court in San Diego handles wills and estates, guardianship, conservatorship, and more, and provides information regarding the probate process.

San Francisco Probate Court

San Francisco probate court provides online services regarding probate, helpful forms, court rules, and more.

Supreme Court of California

The highest court in the state of California provides helpful resources on probate matters, including information on whether probate is required in your case.

Probate Lawyers

Albertson & Davidson, LLP

A highly experienced and dedicated team of attorneys handling cases involving probate, trusts and estates, will contests, will drafting, and other estate litigation. Albertson & Davidson, LLP have offices throughout California to better serve clients.

Dickson Law Group

A law firm committed to assisting clients with legal matters involving probate, family law, business law, construction law, real estate law, and more. These attorneys serve clients in the Seattle and Tacoma areas of Washington State.

Informational Law Blogs

California Trust, Estate, & Probate Litigation Blog

This blog stays up to date on new judicial and legislative developments involving probate law, as well as explaining many issues and answering questions related to probate.

Albertson & Davidson Post

This blog provides information and news on a wide variety of legal topics, including probate, personal injury, and law practice.

Pharma Law Post

This blog covers news and answers frequently asked questions regarding medical malpractice, dangerous pharmaceuticals and medical products, and other products liability matters.

Other Notable California Lawyers

Ehline Law Firm, P.C.

This web site blog delves deep into personal injury law, rights, and detailed information pursuant to their core practice areas, including (but not limited to) auto accidents, elder abuse, and related matters.

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