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how to stand up, fight back & wind your rightful inheritance

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For nearly two decades Albertson & Davidson, LLP has fought for the rights of abused trust and will beneficiaries. When we started, we had no idea just how bad this problem was nor how much help people really needed. Over time, however, the true extent of the problem became evident. People from all walks of life have the potential of being abused by a bad trustee or bad executor.

So what is an abused beneficiary to do? Our eBook covers the following six main areas where beneficiaries are routinely abused by bad trustees:

  1. Abuse involving the distribution of trust assets;
  2. Abuse involving the provision of trust financial information or accounting to the beneficiaries;
  3. Abuse involving following the trust terms (such as in creating and funding sub-trusts);
  4. Abuse involving the diversification of trust assets;
  5. Abuse involving the unfair treatment of one or more of the beneficiaries; and Abuse involving a family-owned business.

Each of the six areas is addressed in its own chapter. Each chapter provides a factual scenario to illustrate the typical problem people have with the given abuse area. You will then find recommendations on how we, as trust- and will-focused lawyers, would deal with the problems presented in the factual hypothetical. And finally, you will find a simple-to-understand explanation of the laws that apply to each given topic.

Our aim with this book is to give you hope that there is a way to combat abuse. First, you should know that you are not alone. Thousands of people suffer from abuse by a bad trustee every day. Our firm, Albertson & Davidson, LLP, has handled hundreds of cases of trustee abuse, and that is just a small fraction of the cases out there. Second, you should know what your rights are so you can understand that (1) you are being abused, and (2) there is a way to fight against abuse. Third, you should know a little something about trust law, so you can ask the right questions and find the right legal help.

The burden is yours to stop your beneficiary abuse from continuing. Your fight is not just for you, but for your family, your children, and their future well-being. The time has come to stop being the victim and become the champion of your legal beneficiary rights.

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From Southern California to the Bay Area, Stewart, Keith, Gian, and our skilled team of legal professionals have help hundreds of clients recover millions of dollars in compensation in complex estate litigation cases. Yet the founding principles of the firm remain intact: We stand, we fight, we win – because we are winners at heart. We can’t win every case, but we can invest the time, energy, and enthusiasm that every case deserves and that usually leads to a positive resolution for our clients.

We believe in helping people resolve their problems, fighting hard for our clients, and being creative in our approach to every problem. We are Albertson & Davidson, LLP, and we never stand still. Are you ready to join a winning team?