'Your Lawsuit' Book

Understanding the Scrapes, Scratches and Indignities
of the California litigation process from start to finish

your lawsuit book

More About This Book:

If you have never been involved in a lawsuit before, you may be surprised at just how confusing (and slow) our court system can be. Lawsuits in America proceed on the basis of due process of law. Due process simply means that every party must be given a fair chance to present evidence in court before a judge or jury. Sounds simple, but that process of fairness takes time because, in California at least, there are far more lawsuits filed than judges or juries to decide them. By the end of this book, you should have a better understanding of the litigation process. While you may still wonder why the process takes so long and costs so much (topics for a different book), your better understanding should allow you greater flexibility, resilience, and persistence, so you can more easily contend with the long, slow journey.