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1. Are you an abused Trust or Will beneficiary?

Are you an abused San Diego Trust or Will beneficiary?  If a Trust or Will was changed to disinherit you from a family member’s estate, assets were diverted from an estate prior to a loved-one’s death, or you are suffering at the hands of a bad Trustee, then you are being abused and you should know that it’s not right.  You are not alone, it happens quite often unfortunately.

Maybe your parent left you out of a Trust or Will after years of telling you that the estate would be given equally to the children.  You assume this will happen without giving it much thought, until it’s too late.  Your parent dies and you discover the Trust or Will was changed recently to exclude you or substantially reduce your share.  You know it’s not fair, but now what?

You have a right to protect yourself from abuse.  If you are an abused San Diego beneficiary, you have rights that can be enforced in court to protect you, but it is up to you to stand up and enforce your legal rights.

2. It’s all so confusing

Will, Trust, joint tenancy, deeds, life insurance, pay-on-death accounts, probate; it’s all so confusing?  When family assets are taken from a San Diego elder, it’s hard to know where to start.

Our California Trust and Will laws are a complicated patchwork of rules that have no interrelation to one another whatsoever.  It’s like playing different board games.  For example, the game of Monopoly has nothing to do with the game of Battleship; they are different games with different rules that operate independent of one another.

The same is true of San Diego Trusts and Wills.  They may seem similar, but they operate under different rules that have no interrelation.  And it gets even more complicated when you have assets held in joint tenancy, beneficiary designations (as with life insurance and retirement accounts), pay-on-death accounts, and so on; each asset operates under its own set of rules.

If you want to challenge how assets pass at death, you may have to bring multiple lawsuits against multiple asset transfers.  Suing to set aside a Will has no affect on Trust assets.  Suing to set aside a Trust has no affect on Will assets.  Each asset may have to be challenged with a different lawsuit depending on how that asset is held, how it transfers, to whom it transfers, and so on.

3. Resolution can be yours with an experienced Trust and Will litigation law firm

Experience counts in Trust and Will lawsuits.  To navigate the complex web of Trust and Will laws in court takes a coherent strategy.  A solid plan well executed is key in asserting your rights.  Whether you are fighting to overturn a Trust or Will, or fighting against a bad Trustee, you need a clear path forward.  Without a good strategy, your case can languish in the court system for years and never reach  resolution.

You have rights, you only need to stand up for yourself and enforce those rights.  We are here to stand by you, fight for you, and succeed with you.  We have helped hundreds of clients find the best resolution for their Trust or Will contest, financial elder abuse claims, and enforcing rights against bad Trustees.  How can we help you?

4. How to find us

Our San Diego office is conveniently located off the 5 Freeway at 2175 Salk Avenue, Suite 190, Carlsbad, California.  We handle cases in all areas of San Diego County.  Our office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.


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