We Believe in:

Helping people resolve problems
Thinking differently to resolve problems
Fighting for justice and fairness

How We Help Our Clients:

Believing in our clients
Treating our clients with respect
Tailoring our work to the client's ends
Giving honest advice and strong counsel
Communicating regularly with clients
Providing flexible payment options


We know the unfortunate truth that justice is expensive; it costs time, emotion and money to achieve a just result.  We employ creative solutions to address our client's concerns.  We are passionate about helping our clients and are innovative in representing them.

We work as a team both within our firm and in partnership with our clients.  Our duty is to educate clients and advise them about their options so they can make informed decisions about their cases.  And then we work hard to implement those decisions.

We fight hard for our clients, acting as both a shield and a sword.  We pride ourselves on doing good work, but not letting the costs of what we do outweigh the benefits.

We constantly challenge ourselves to learn more and become better lawyers.  We believe we never stop learning and we do not know everything.  Therefore, we spend time learning and using that knowledge for our clients' benefit.

We always act with a sense of urgency, and we look after people because we believe if we do that, then people will look after us.  And we have a sense of humor about ourselves because a little humor helps with any problem. 

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