Abused Trust Beneficiary Litigation

Beneficiary abuse is not acceptable in California Trust and Will cases.


Some beneficiaries are abused by California Trustees and Executors.

Through no fault of their own, they are the victims of fiduciaries (whether Trustees, Executors or Conservators) who do not understand, or care to follow, their legal obligations as fiduciaries. The law imposes strict guidelines on Trustees and Executors and they are held to the highest standard of care in all actions they undertake, and all actions they fail to undertake. Yet, some fiduciaries just don’t understand the legal obligations they must operate under. They think they have the freedom to do whatever they like, whenever they like, and it is the beneficiaries who then suffer the consequences.



At Albertson & Davidson, LLP we have successfully attacked and defended California Trustees and Executors, so we know when fiduciaries are not living up to their legal duties and we have the legal know-how to take on these fiduciaries and stand up for the rights of  abused Trust and Will beneficiaries.

Oftentimes, the abused Trust and Will beneficiary is particularly vulnerable because they do not have funds to hire an attorney to fight for their legal rights—whereas the fiduciary has the luxury of using Trust or Estate assets to hire attorneys. For that reason, Albertson & Davidson, LLP has developed various flexible options (including contingency fee arrangements) that allow abused Trust and Will beneficiaries to hire us to protect their rights.

Our in-depth knowledge of Trust, Estate, and Probate matters is essential in attacking an abusive Trustee or Executor. This experience allows us to provide a unique perspective to abused Trust and Will beneficiaries when they suffer at the hands of a Trustee or Executor who disregards their legal obligations. And we have the necessary trial experience to handle all matters up to and through trial, if necessary, to achieve a client’s desired result.


Albertson & Davidson, LLP is a boutique firm specializing in Trust, Will, and Probate litigation in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The lawyers at Albertson and Davidson fight against beneficiary abuse by filing Trust contests, Wills contests, and Financial Elder Abuse lawsuits throughout California; specifically we handle cases in the following California counties:

  • Marin County Superior Court
  • Sonoma County Superior Court
  • Napa County Superior Court
  • Solano County Superior Court
  • San Francisco Superior Court
  • San Mateo Superior Court
  • San Jose Superior Court
  • Sacramento County Superior Court

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Featured Testimonial

“My mother and I had been non communicative for many years even though I had tried to reconnect several times. I finally gave up trying, and assumed that she had passed on. A friend encouraged me to give it one more try, as it had been years since I had last tried to reestablish communication. I made the call, and found that she was indeed alive at 92 years old. The phone conversation went well. During that conversation she told me that she thought that I was gone, meaning passed on. We set a date to meet. She lived in Riverside Calif. and I live in AZ. I made the trip to see her and the visit could not have been any better.

After many, many years of painful silence, we had patched things up. It was as though a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.

I am a photographer so I was able to record the event on video as well as many still photos.

I made two more visits and was in Riverside when she passed away a few months later.

After she had passed on, I was informed by a friend of my mothers, that there was a will that I should see. In reviewing the will, I realized that I was not in the will as my mother thought that I had passed on.

It was recommended that I should consult a lawyer, and I talked to a couple that did not seem to really understand the situation, until I consulted with Keith Davidson at Albertson & Davidson. Keith reviewed the case and decided to take the case. The difference was amazing as they seemed to be really concerned about my situation.

The speed, efficiency and guidance by Keith and his team was truly impressive and gave me the feeling that I had a team that would get the job done. I no longer felt like I was floundering in a legal whirlpool. Everything was done by Email and or phone. As it turned out the video and photos that I took worked in my favor, even though it was not taken for legal purposes. The will was settled to the satisfaction of all parties involved. I would recommend Keith and his very able team to anyone that needs this kind of help.”

Review by: Michael Gulley
Reviewing: Abused Trust Beneficiary Litigation
Date published: 2016-03-16
Rating: ★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars
*DISCLAIMER: Please note that every case is different and presents its own unique set of variables. Thus, no guarantee can be made that you will obtain the same or similar result as a previous client.

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