The Beneficiary’s Corner

Welcome to the beneficiary’s corner, a place where abused beneficiaries can learn about their rights in California Trust and Will matters. Once you know what your rights are, you can take action to protect and fight for your inheritance.

Each course consists of three videos: The Facts, The Law, and The Talk. The Facts is a hypothetical scenario we will use to discuss the legal issue presented. The Law is a legal analysis provided by one of our partners. And the Talk is a roundhouse discussion with both Keith and Stewart where they discuss, and sometimes debate, the facts and legal issues.

Is Your Trustee Risking Your Money? Course 1 — Trustee Investing

How To Handle a Bad Trustee? Course 2 — Trustee Duties — the top three

Who Destroyed Mom or Dad's Intentions? Course 3 — California Undue Influence Claims

Who Wrote This Trust or Will? Course 4 — California Attorney Malpractice Lawsuits

Will You Lose Your Inheritance? Course 5 -- California No Contest Clauses