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Albertson & Davidson Estate Attorneys Announce Scholarship Winners

2019 Scholarship Winners!

Albertson & Davidson Announces 2019 Scholarship Winners for the Infographic Scholarship Contest

The attorneys at Albertson & Davidson, LLP are pleased to announce the winners of their 2019 scholarship contest that involved the creation of infographics about warning signs of dementia or nursing home abuse.

How the Probate Lawyers Decide Scholarship Winners

Each contestant who entered the 2019 Infographic Scholarship Contest was required to use data from the government, private agencies, or non-profits to create an infographic to increase public understanding of one of the following two topics:

Warning signs of dementia

Warning signs of nursing home abuse.

The contest attracted many innovative and original infographics, and the attorneys at Albertson & Davidson wish to congratulate all of the students who submitted entries. All of the submissions were thoroughly reviewed by the attorneys at Albertson & Davidson. The winners were chosen based on the quality of the infographics.

The three students selected as scholarship winners are:

1st Prize: Allison Solino—$1,500

2nd Prize: Sergio Delatorre—$1,000

3rd Prize: Thomas Gooding—$500.

The attorneys and staff at Albertson & Davidson understand the financial stress involved with attending college and want to help students reach their goal of obtaining a college education. This year, the law firm offered $3,000 in scholarship awards to the winners of the infographic scholarship contest to help defray those expenses. This year marks the fifth consecutive year the law firm has awarded scholarships to college students.

The 2019 Scholarship was open to individuals who are planning on attending an accredited United States college or university during the fall 2019 semester. 

The Albertson & Davidson 2019 Scholarship Winners were announced on the law firm’s website, and the winners were notified by email.

Be sure to check our website https://www.aldavlaw.com/ early next year to learn how to apply for next year’s scholarship.

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