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Video Posts

If someone promises to name you in a Will, but then fails to do so, you may have a contract right to enforce that promise. In this video, partner Stewart Albertson describes the power to enforce a contract to make a Will. For more information, please visit: http://www.aldavlawbayarea.com/practice-areas/contested-trusts-wills-probate-litigation/

It can be a bit tricky reading your Trust document. There are a lot of provisions to go through, but two in particular are worth noting. In this video, partner Keith Davidson discusses the provisions he looks for in every San Diego Trust.

There’s only one way to force a resolution on a California Trust or Will lawsuit: go to trial. But most cases settle before trial, that’s because most people choose to voluntarily resolve their lawsuit. But you cannot make the other side settle, it has to be voluntary at some point.