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Hiring an Attorney on Contingency: The Key For Your Success

When you hire a lawyer on contingency, that means that you are paying the lawyer a percentage of whatever is recovered. You essentially are making that lawyer a partner with you in your case.  It’s no different in a lot of ways from having a business partner. Except now your business partner is a lawyer who is experienced in the area of law that you need help with – trusts and will litigation. The lawyer can go forward and apply his or her legal skills to try and get you as much as possible.

Now, if you do hire a lawyer on contingency, there’s a couple of things you will want: 

  • Number one, you want the lawyer to pay for the costs of the case out of his or her own pocket and you don’t want the attorney to come after you for those expenses, if they are not successful.  That’s certainly something that we do here at Albertson & Davidson, but not every lawyer does that.
  • Number two, you want a lawyer who is going to work your case aggressively, not just throw it on the backburner and work on it here and there. You will want to have engaged, aggressive legal representation, which you should expect from any lawyer handling any case on your behalf.

When you hire a lawyer on contingency, it could be a great way to partner up and to maximize the value of your case.


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