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Selecting an Attorney: Philosophies and Abilities Influences

It’s not very often that people talk about philosophies of attorneys.  But if you look at a spectrum of attorneys, you’re going to find that different attorneys have different philosophies in terms of how they approach cases.  They have different viewpoints. They have different ideas on how a case should be managed, the strategy that goes into it and how, ultimately, your case will pan out.

That’s not to say that different attorneys are necessarily bad or good based on their philosophies. But it does underscore the point that you need to think about what philosophy meets your expectations.

Sharing the same philosophy is important

As a client, you might want a lawyer who shares your philosophy because it’s going to make your life so much easier if you and your lawyer see eye-to-eye and that can be very important.  Some clients want to take a softer approach, not an approach that is aggressive and goes after their family members so hard. That’s going to be one philosophy.

Other clients want lawyers that are very aggressive and will move quickly on different issues and hit hard.  That’s a different philosophy. Some lawyers are able to move back and forth between different approaches. But, by and large, lawyers and law firms have their own world view.  They have their own way of looking at these cases. They have their own philosophies.

Define expectations for the best outcome for your case

It never hurts to talk a little bit about what expectations you have as a client. Discuss how the lawyer would handle your case?  What is the lawyer’s general view of these types of cases? Then you can determine whether that meets what you want.


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