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Setting Expectations Early in Litigation Drives Success

Setting Expectations in Litigation is Crucial

Litigation Lawyers at Albertson & Davidson LLP  are experienced in that setting expectations in the beginning of your case is a top priority.

Well, welcome to litigation.  I wish I could tell you that litigation is quick and easy and resolves and that justice will be found and everyone will be happy at the end of it.  Unfortunately, it’s the opposite of each one of those. 

It’s time-consuming, it’s grueling, it’s not fun to go through and in the end, you go, “Gosh, I never want to go through that again.” 

What to Remeber When Setting Expectations in California Courts

So, keep that in mind when you go to litigation.  It’s not going to be something that will quickly be resolved in your favor.  However, you have to go through the steps of litigation in order to make a case successful.  And this is tough for lawyers, it’s tough for clients because we want things now. We want a trial date yesterday so that we can have a trial on these issues.  The problem is you’ve got to file a lawsuit, then you’ve got to do all the written discovery, then you’ve got to do depositions, then you’ve got to hire experts.  You invariably will be sent to mediation or go to one on your own choice, and then you get to trial, and that takes a lot of time to get through. 

We have told clients that litigation is like a marathon.  You just have to put one foot in front of the other. Before you know it, you’ll make it that 26.2 miles and you’ll have completed the marathon.  But, you just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other when you’re tired and you’re not happy and you’re saying this is the worst thing I’ve ever done.  Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  

Litigation Expectations Should be Understood as a Marathon

If you sprint in litigation.  If you head out sprinting, you’re going to burn out and you’re not going to make it through the end of the case.  So just plod forward, one step at a time, and chances are good things will happen towards the end of the litigation.


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