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Who Can Be an Estate Trustee?

Who is qualified to act as Trustee? As a basic requirement, a Trustee must be an adult over the age of 18. Additionally, a Trustee must have legal capacity, so obviously a person who is mentally incapacitated would not be able to act as Trustee.  Beyond that, almost any adult can be named as a Trustee.



Trusts can have professional Trustees or corporate Trustees.  For example, Trust companies and banks that have Trust Departments can act as Trustees.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Trustee

Now just because almost anyone can be named as a Trustee doesn’t mean that just anyone SHOULD act as a Trustee.  Some people are better suited to being Trustees than others.  To be a good Trustee, you have to know how to manage finances, handle real estate transactions, and deal with all of the assets of a Trust Administration.

But if you are trying to figure out exactly who CAN act as Trustee, the answer is pretty much any adult, any professional, or any Trust or bank company.