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May The Forced Plan be with You: What Happens If You Die in California Without A Will?

What Happens If You Die Without A Will? That depends on how you hold title to your assets. If you die and everything you own is in your sole name, then the assets must pass through probate to be transferred to your next of kin. When you die without a Will, you are said to have died intestate. And California ...

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Descent into darkness: My parent has dementia and has not created a Will, what can I do?

It can be nearly impossible to help a parent plan his or her estate when dementia exists. The problem with dementia is that is qualifies as the type of mental defect that could cause the person to lack the necessary capacity to create a Trust or Will. The first issue is whether your parent still has enough capacity to create ...

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Left Out in the Cold? My mom died and left me out of the Will–What can I do about it?

What can you do when you find yourself left out of a parent’s Will? That all depends on the circumstances surrounding the creation of the Will in the first place. For starters, in California children do not have a right to inherit any property from a parent. In other words, a parent can disinherit a child, leaving them nothing. Minor ...

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What are some basic estate planning needs?

When arranging to take care of your loved ones after your death becomes a concern, it's necessary to consult an expert in matters of estate planning and probate. An experienced attorney can help you determine your needs and how best to ensure your last wishes will be met. Even so, it may be helpful to learn about the basic needs you may ...

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What is advanced estate planning?

What Is Important To Know About Advanced Estate Planning Once a person in California has put their basic estate planning in place, they may want to consider the benefits of using more advanced estate planning. This type of planning is designed to help individuals successfully transfer their wealth to future generations. Asset protection is done in a way to minimize ...

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