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Kept in the Dark as a Trust Beneficiary

One of the most frustrating things we hear from beneficiaries of trusts is hey, I’m a beneficiary, I’ve reached out to the trustee and they refuse to tell me anything.  In fact, they’re just downright hostile to me.  They won’t return my phone calls.  They say everything must be done by letters.  I send them emails.  They don’t respond to my emails.  I send them letters.  They don’t respond to my letters.  It’s a frustrating experience.

And so what beneficiaries are forced to do, unfortunately, under those circumstances, seek the advice of a beneficiary attorney.  The attorney will get involved, contact the trustee; hopefully, the trustee will then hire their own lawyer.  The two lawyers can get together.  They speak the same language hopefully.  And they can iron out the issues and make sure that the beneficiaries:  number one, get all the information that they’re entitled to under the trust and get their rightful distribution under the trust terms.