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Selecting an Attorney

Generally speaking, selecting an attorney is not an easy task.  But, if you look at it from a big-picture perspective, if you are going into a trust or will lawsuit, you really want to think about what type of lawyer you should hire.

I would strongly recommend that you find a lawyer who is experienced in trusts and will cases. This area of law is highly specialized. It’s complicated. There are a lot of different issues and analyses that have to go into your case as it moves forward. 


These days, it really is difficult to be a generalist as a lawyer because things have gotten so complicated in a lot of different areas of the law, not just trusts and wills. 

It definitely pays to hire a specialist when it comes to trust or will lawsuits. The first step in the process of finding a lawyer should be to identify people who are specialists in trust and will litigation. Then you can branch out from there, start making some phone calls, talk to people, meet with the attorney, and see if you like his or her approach to your case.