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Course 2 — Lessons 1 to 3: Trustee Duties — The Top 3

The basics of Trustee’s duties: These are the beginning ground rules for Trustee Duties: The Trustee must follow the Trust terms; The Trustee must administer the Trust solely for the beneficiaries; and The Trustee must not enter into any transaction where he personally obtains an advantage over the Trust or Trust beneficiaries. Hypothetical Let’s consider a hypothetical situation to demonstrate ...

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Course 1 – Lessons 1 to 3: Prudent Trustee Investing

1.         The basics of Trust investing: These are the beginning ground rules for Trust investing: The Trustee must act as a prudent investor would act; The specifics of the Trust must be considered; and The Trustee must act with reasonable care, skill, and caution. 2.         Hypothetical Let’s consider a hypothetical situation to demonstrate the problems that can arise and the ...

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Top 10 Trust and Will Myths: Episode 7 — Trusts avoid probate

Do revocable, living Trusts avoid the probate process?  The answer is: maybe.  Watch this video to learn more about whether your Trust will help you avoid probate in California.

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Where's my trust?

Top 10 Myths of Trusts and Wills: Episode 1 — Are Trusts Public Documents?

This post is the first in a series of ten posts that will discuss the top 10 myths and misconceptions of trusts and wills.  There's a lot to learn, so let's get started on this first installment: Is a Trust a public document? Many times people would like to see a copy of their parents’ trust, especially after a death ...

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This is not what we expected…how to modify your California irrevocable trust

One of the great challenges in drafting any Trust is figuring out how it will work, and affect the beneficiaries, years from now. Trusts are always written today, but enforced in the future. The oldest still-operating Trust I have personally dealt with in my career was created in 1948! Circumstances can change over time, and sometimes drastically so. But once ...

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Trustees Duty of Revocable Trust Under California Probate Code section 15800, a Trustee of a revocable Trust only owes duties to the person who has the power to revoke, so long as that person is living and has capacity.  That means if you are the beneficiary under a revocable Trust, you do not have the rights normally given to Trust beneficiaries until AFTER ...

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