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Get Our New Book “Your Lawsuit”

Albertson & Davidson, LLP, a California estate litigation law firm, is pleased to announce the publication of “Your Lawsuit: Understanding the Scrapes, Scratches and Indignities of the California Litigation Process From Start to Finish.” The book, written by attorneys Keith A. Davidson and Stewart R. Albertson, is a comprehensive guide intended to help the general public understand the litigation process in California.

Many California residents who are involved in a lawsuit are surprised by how complicated the court system can be. Lawsuits in the U.S. proceed on the basis of due process of law. Due process refers to the process wherein each party is given a chance to provide evidence in court before a jury or judge. That takes time.

With Your Lawsuit, California residents will have a better understanding of the litigation process from the filing of the lawsuit to discovery, mediation and trial. A person may still think the process takes too long. However, having a fuller understanding of what is involved may allow people to have greater persistence and flexibility to get through the process.

“We are very pleased to present our Your Lawsuit book to the public,” says a representative from Albertson & Davidson, LLP. “We hope that this book will provide the necessary information people in California need when it comes to the litigation process in the state.”

The attorneys at Albertson & Davidson, LLP understand the strong emotions and frustration that can arise when a person realizes someone has been stealing from his or her inheritance. As California estate litigation attorneys, the authors understand that families can be divided forever by battles over trusts and wills, as well as by financial elder abuse proceedings if they are not carefully managed. The attorneys believe in fighting hard for their clients and being creative in their approach to resolve differences.

The experienced trust and will litigation lawyers at Albertson & Davidson, LLP focus on good communication with clients. For anyone facing a battle over a California trust, wrongful death, probate proceeding, or will, the authors have plenty of helpful insights into the process, presented in plain language. As stated on their website, “We are aggressive trial attorneys who focus solely on these types of complex cases. We stand. We fight. We win.”

People interested in the book can purchase the Albertson & Davidson’s “Your Lawsuit” on Amazon today or by visiting their page: https://www.aldavlaw.com/our-books/your-lawsuit-book/.

About Albertson & Davidson, LLP:

Albertson & Davidson, LLP is a trust and will litigation law firm with offices in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Irvine, Carlsbad and Ontario, California. Their attorneys have comprehensive experience handling complex cases involving will and trust beneficiary litigation, probate litigation, financial elder abuse litigation, trustee theft, and trustee surcharge disputes. The attorneys have honed their legal skills in courtrooms throughout California.