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Course 1 – Lessons 1 to 3: Prudent Trustee Investing

1.         The basics of Trust investing: These are the beginning ground rules for Trust investing: The Trustee must act as a prudent investor would act; The specifics of the Trust must be considered; and The Trustee must act with reasonable care, skill, and caution. 2.         Hypothetical Let’s consider a hypothetical situation to demonstrate the problems that can arise and the ...

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Who OverseesYour Trustee

Who Will Oversee My Trustee? The answer may surprise you…

So who is in charge of overseeing your Trustee if that person chooses to violate the law and breach his or her fiduciary duties?  Surely there is some governmental agency that will step in and hold that bad Trustee accountable...isn't there? The truth is that there is no governmental authority that oversees that acts of individual Trustees.  There is some oversight ...

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Do You have a right to the money?

Do you have a right to the money from a specific gift? Imagine you were going to be given a specific gift of a house.  You liked the house, maybe you grew up there.  You could use a place to live and you look forward to having a place of your own.  But then the house is sold by your parent and turned into cash, where it then goes into ...

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Right to Receive Your Specific Gift In the world of Trust and Wills, some gifts are better than others.  I don’t mean monetarily (of course $1 million is better than $1 thousand), but I mean the type of gift being given. There is a hierarchy of gifts—a pecking order if you will.  Specific gifts are at the top of the heap.  Followed by general gifts ...

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Guarding Against Elder Abuse

Protect Your Elder From California Financial Elder Abuse California financial elder abuse is one of the fastest growing problems in our society.  As the Baby Boomer generation ages, they become increasingly more susceptible to financial scams.  But not all financial scams are done by strangers.  All too often it is those closest to an elder who do the most damage.  How do you protect an elder you ...

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Nobody Goes in, I'm unduly influencing

How to Prove Undue Influence: Actions and Tactics

The actions and tactics of a wrongdoer can be critical evidence of undue influence in your California Trust or Will contest.  In this video, partner Keith Davidson describes the important issue of actions and tactics. For more information, click this link:

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